Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rings under $25

First off, one of my favorite places to shop for jewelry is They have a huge selection of handmade jewelry and it's usually priced really reasonably. I've actually heard that a lot of the jewelry on Etsy is actually underpriced! So it's a great place to shop and I love the fact that you're supporting independent jewelry designers and not those big corporations.

(From top to bottom)
Silver Cross double finger ring: $14.99, snefter shop at
Silver Sleeping Beauty ring: $20.00, essu shop at
Bronze Rose ring: $9.90, salonstoreshop at

Top shop is another great store for affordable jewelry. They have TONS to choose from:

(From top to bottom)
Black stone swirl ring: $25.00 at

Modshop is another great one:
(From top to bottom)
Pewter, Paul and Mary Ring: $14.99 at
On and on ring: $14.99 at

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