Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bargain hunting for FRINGE!

So lately I've been obsessed with finding a fringe bag that is both adorable and made of quality material, that won't fall apart after a weeks worth of use. I first noticed the JJ Winters bag line, which inspired me to find one of similar style.

Here's an oversized suede fringe bag by JJ Winters that runs for about $500. You can find it here at for $473.

But for those of us who can't unload that kind of cash on a bag, I am here to try and find an affordable option! You're welcome ladies. ;)

So I scoured the shops and here are the contendors I came up with:

1. AEO Fringed Bag, $34.99 at

2. Cleobella Electra Fringe Bag, $123 at

3. Billabong Forever Fringe Bag, $54 at

To help add a personalized touch to these bags try adding a keychain like this one from Planet Blue, only $26 at

~Designer Spotlight~

As August officially comes to a close, I am still not quite ready to give up my summer. Living in Seattle, summer has been almost nonexistent. I think we've had sun for about the last 4 weeks (with plenty of clouds mixed in) and its already starting to dissappear...:( So I've been planning a trip to the hot and sunny AZ in about a month and I will be giving you plenty of information on my pics for my late summer wardrobe. I do have to say, the one bonus to having late summers... are the discounts!!

I wanted to highlight an up and coming designer that I recently discovered, and have fallen in love with. Her swimsuit line Boys and Arrows, offers perfectly constructed swimwear that will look good on all body types. Not to mention the styles are gorgeous! Its hard not to feel sexy when wearing one of her swimsuits. They are definitely not cheap, but I think the saying "you get what you pay for" could not be more appropriate here! Anyways, I'll shut up and show you some pics from her lookbook: