Friday, January 21, 2011

Must have item for your spring wardrobe!!

Two words... Cropped - Pants. I know you're probably thinking to yourself, "who cares? You seen those every season!" And trust me, I completely agree. This isn't exactly some earth shattering trend, but the outfits that I've seen on the runways are so friggin' adorable! It seems like every designer has included cropped pants in their spring 2011 line. So start keeping an eye out for cropped pants in the stores and magazines because I guarantee you'll start seeing them everywhere.

It's still too cold to wear crop pants but the clothing stores should be stocking them soon. One store already has a pretty good selection, Check it out if you're interested in seeing some of the outfits they've put together. It'll help give you some inspiration for updating your wardrobe for the spring.

Cropped pants are something you see every single year, but the designers seem to be focusing pretty heavily on this style of pant for the Spring. And who can blame them! Cropped pants paired with mid-height heels, a sexy top and cropped jacket gives you the perfect day outfit that allows you to still look sexy without being trashy.

Check out some of the outfits from designer Balmain whose Spring 2011 I'm basically obsessed with: