Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bargain hunting for FRINGE!

So lately I've been obsessed with finding a fringe bag that is both adorable and made of quality material, that won't fall apart after a weeks worth of use. I first noticed the JJ Winters bag line, which inspired me to find one of similar style.

Here's an oversized suede fringe bag by JJ Winters that runs for about $500. You can find it here at for $473.

But for those of us who can't unload that kind of cash on a bag, I am here to try and find an affordable option! You're welcome ladies. ;)

So I scoured the shops and here are the contendors I came up with:

1. AEO Fringed Bag, $34.99 at

2. Cleobella Electra Fringe Bag, $123 at

3. Billabong Forever Fringe Bag, $54 at

To help add a personalized touch to these bags try adding a keychain like this one from Planet Blue, only $26 at

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